1. The price agreed at the estimate should be paid within seven days once the work is completed.
  2. Organic Lawn will carry out and complete the agreed work in a good and workman-like manner.
  3. Organic Lawn will carry out the work while soil and weather conditions are suitable for the relevant operations.
  4. Organic Lawn will use machinery and tools suitable for the site conditions and the work to be carried out.
  5. The Client shall notify Organic Lawn of any hazards or obstructions on the site prior to the submission of a quotation.
  6. Organic Lawn will take all reasonable steps to minimise environmental disturbance, nuisance and pollution. Noise may however be unavoidable due to the operation of machinery.
  7. Organic Lawn will carry out a site risk assessment and ensure that all applicable health and safety regulations are met.
  8. Organic Lawn would like to make it clear that while our organic based fertilisers are in the manufacturer’s words ‘safe for children and pets’ it is not advisable for children or pets to eat any garden fertilisers.
  9. Unless otherwise specified in the quotation, Organic Lawn is not responsible for the irrigation/watering of planted material/lawns and does not accept any liability for the loss of planted material/lawns due to lack of irrigation/watering or adverse weather conditions.
  10. All original designs, drawings, specifications, photographs and any other written material produced by Organic Lawn shall remain the property of the Company.
  11. Organic Lawn shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform any of its obligations, if the delay or failure results from events or circumstances beyond its reasonable control: this to include but not limited to, Acts of God, strikes, accidents, war, fire, breakdown of plant or machinery, shortage or unavailability of materials, adverse weather conditions or adverse or difficult site conditions.