Lawn Mowing – how high should I mow my lawn?

Our experience at Organic Lawn has taught us that domestic lawns look better when mown at the top setting. Usually about 50-70 mm hight (approximately 2 – 2.75 inches. Domestic lawns are very different to sports turf, such as bowling greens or golf courses. Sports grass needs to be smooth enough to roll a ballContinue reading “Lawn Mowing – how high should I mow my lawn?”

See the difference a moss treatment can make to a lawn?

Moss can occur when your lawn is unhealthy. Improving your lawn can help to reduce moss.

Shall we mow your lawn?

Don’t want to spend your weekend mowing the lawn? Organic Lawn can help. We have a wide range of professional gardening equipment, enabling us to cut your grass to the correct height, so call us now, leave the work to us and you can enjoy your beautiful garden – hassle-free!

How does organic lawn care benefit your soil?

How does organic lawn care benefit your soil?

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Soil Type in Kent and East Sussex

What type of soil do we have in Kent and East Sussex and how does it affect our lawns?

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