Moss Treatment

moss organic treatment lawn care

We offer an organic based fertiliser that destroys moss without turning the lawn black and removes the need for raking out dead moss.

  • Not a traditional moss killer as it doesn’t contain chemicals
  • Destroys moss by secondary action. Moss eats the potash and is then decomposed by bacteria formulated in the organic based fertiliser.
  • Your lawn is rid of moss, is fed with fertiliser and the soil is improved, all in one
  • A big bonus is stonework/paths/patios aren’t stained as can happen with chemical based moss killers
  • As it is organic, this fertiliser is safe for children and pets, although like all fertilisers, pets should not eat it.

Before and After Moss Treatment Shots

I’ve had their treatments. Great results. Particularly when it’s raining. When it’s dry, Organic Lawn advised me to water the grass over the next few days.

Peter Walton, Tunbridge Wells