Bio-Lime Lawn Fertiliser

organic lawn fertiliser - bio-lime

Our Bio-Lime fertiliser raises the pH level in lawns and prevents moss encroachment.

  • As lawns grow, they take up nutrients leading to a reduction in pH level. Also when acid rain falls on the lawn, it increases the acidity
  • Acid soils are an unhealthy environment for lawns and create the ideal environment for moss to encroach and thrive
  • After application, lawns are stronger and there is less chance of moss encroachment
  • Bio-Lime contains healthy bacteria for the decomposition of organic waste material (thatch & moss)
  • An extra ingredient of magnesium is also included creating a green, healthy sward helping to maintain a strong colour throughout the winter

My lawn is much greener since Organic Lawn started treating my grass.

Helen Stanley, Sevenoaks