Lawn Mowing – how high should I mow my lawn?

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Our experience at Organic Lawn has taught us that domestic lawns look better when mown at the top setting. Usually about 50-70 mm hight (approximately 2 – 2.75 inches.

Domestic lawns are very different to sports turf, such as bowling greens or golf courses. Sports grass needs to be smooth enough to roll a ball along, requiring a special low growing turf which is happy to be mown short. Domestic lawns are rarely shown with this species of grass and therefore look better when left to grow a bit longer.

If you let your lawn grow a little longer:

Your grass will be healthier

absorbing more sunlight for making food. It can put down stronger roots, withstand disease, be harder wearing and recover from wear more quickly.

You will have greater bio-diversity.

More beetles and insects means more birds and fewer pests leading to a healthier lawn.

Your grass will be strong

enough to out-compete weeds and leaves no space for moss to creep into. Short lawns expose soil and weeds find it far easier to germinate.

Drought resistance

is improved as deeper roots develop, retaining more water. A thicker cover over the soil reduces transpiration and moisture loss, and so your lawn stays much greener all year round.

You can mow in better stripes

and be the envy of your neighbours.

You don’t need to mow as often

as longer grass is less stressed. If you keep mowing all of the leaves away, your lawn has to rush to replace these leaves to survived. A thick, long lawn doesn’t grow as fast as a short lawn. Try it as it will look better and be less work for you.

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