How does organic lawn care benefit your soil?

organic lawn treatments

How does organic lawn care benefit your soil?

Organic care will improve the health of your soil so that it can retain moisture while aerating and improving soil texture. While chemicals may destroy the important microbes and organisms in the soil, organic care won’t harm earthworms, fungi and bacteria but instead increase the beneficial organisms and feed the roots of the grass.

This promotes a stronger soil eco-system and maintains improved soil health overall.

Why does healthy soil lead to a healthy lawn?

With improved soil health, your lawn becomes healthier. This occurs because the soil acts as a foundation for every other plant growing in the your lawn. Plants absorb nutrients and water from the soil which they need to grow efficient.

For instance, healthier soil ensures that roots obtain the right amount of nutrients. This way, microbes can act like semi-permanent fertiliser and smart root extensions, seeking out all the necessary nutrients and so improve plant health. Plus, it ensures that your grass is stronger and more resistant to pests and diseases