Soil Type in Kent and East Sussex

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What type of soil do we have in Kent and East Sussex and how does it affect our lawns?

Across our area we enjoy a range of soils due to the varied geology underpinning our lawns from the chalk of the North and South Downs to the sandstone of Tunbridge Wells via Wealden Clay and the Sevenoaks Greensand Ridge.

Sandy soils dry out quickly and use nutrients by leaching. This increases acidity necessitating a treatment of our Bio-Lime to raise pH resulting in a stronger, greener lawn.

Clay soils are less prone to be acidic as they hold reasonable quantities of calcium, but germination of seeds may be delayed in Spring as they are slow to warm up.

In a poor clay soil, compaction, poor drainage and moss are common. Once the soil is improved with our organic based fertilisers, you will see your lawn flourish.

Chalky soils are very alkaline and nutrients tend to drain away. They respond positively to the organic matter and healty bacteria foundin our fertilisers.